Our Services

Planning & Design

We begin planning every project with an in-depth assessment to find the right products and services. Our team approaches every project from the prospective of our customers, and aim to do the following:

✤       Choose high quality and cost effective products from our dealers

✤       Work with designers to select color palettes that will complement the life and aesthetic of the area

✤       Help the customer understand our products and how they will best serve the customer’s space


After we plan the project, we begin estimating the cost and time that the project will require to be installed. We take pride in providing all of our customers with our proprietary color keys that ensure the accuracy of every project. Our color keys include a blueprint of the site and include an in-depth map of the products to be installed.



Our sales team works to deliver the right products for each client. Before we install our premium flooring products, our sales team will go the site to take measurements and review the conditions of the existing space. Our team strives to provide accurate estimations of the cost up front before the job is completed to meet the budget and satisfaction needs of every customer. For more information, contact a sales representative to schedule an appointment or for general questions.

Eagle Interiors works around the clock, nights and weekends, to deliver and install our products in a timely manner. Unlike some of our competitors, we hire Union or Non-Union installers to complete our projects. We also provide other services like flooring demolition and cubicle lifts to ensure a smooth installation.